The Solution

Introducing scalable bitcoin returns on Bitcoin
Block Green is building a Bitcoin-focused capital market providing novel solutions to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Our protocol addresses the challenges of intermediary risk by enabling BTC holders to leverage BitGo's trusted custodian solutions, ensuring the safe deployment of assets. Furthermore, we tackle counterparty risk by providing transparent opportunities that offer visibility and clarity to participants.
Block Green's SynHash pool structure is designed to facilitate bilateral agreements between parties by enabling them to transact directly with each other using Bitcoin script. This means that parties can set up automated transactions with predetermined conditions that are executed on the Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.
While SynHash pool structure allows for the creation of custom scripts that can implement a range of conditions and logic. These scripts are executed on the Bitcoin network, and as such, they are transparent and immutable.
As a result, the SynHash pool structure provides a secure and transparent platform for bilateral agreements, enabling parties to transact with confidence and certainty while reducing counterparty risk.
Our first product is an on-chain liquidity solution providing direct hashrate exposure without the requirement for CAPEX or operational expertise
We offer institutional liquidity providers the necessary infrastructure to enter into streaming agreements for mining rewards with top-tier energy-efficient and sustainable datacenter operators.