Blockchain Monitoring

We utilize real-time blockchain monitoring to oversee the network's activity and provide up-to-date information.

We monitor network hashrate from our secure node infrastructure, in addition to incoming reward payments from miners on the platform, to ensure timely delivery of rewards to LPs.

FPPS Algorithm

To fairly accurately evaluate the worth of hashrate, our protocol uses the Full Pay-Per-Share (FPPS) algorithm. This algorithm calculates the expected payout in relation to the current network difficulty and block rewards, incorporating transaction fees to ensure a predictable and fair remuneration model.

BitGo Wallets

To guarantee the highest level of security for the funds within the protocol, we employ BitGo's wallet infrastructure. These wallets ensure that the Bitcoins within the protocol are safe and accessible only by their rightful owners. We employ two-factor authentication, IP restrictions, and spending limits to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions.

Bitcoin Script Leverage

The protocol is designed to leverage Bitcoin Script in the future to create a trust-minimized environment. Bitcoin Script allows the creation of complex transactions and contracts directly on the Bitcoin network. By implementing Bitcoin Script, we can further enhance the security and efficiency of the protocol through features like time-locked contracts. This future implementation underlines our commitment to developing a system that prioritizes trust and security while also optimizing transaction efficiency.

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