🌱What is Block Green?

Block Green is a liquidity protocol centered around Bitcoin. Our team is developing an innovative capital market for Bitcoin, offering real-world applications and opportunities that capitalize on its unique features. A well-established financial market for Bitcoin will increase its utilization and unlock significant liquidity, and thereby its true value.

Our First Product Is a Liquidity Protocol Benefitting Operators of Compute Infrastructure

Our platform allows data center operators to sell exposure to their future revenues at a discount in order to offload risk and access immediate liquidity.

This results in a more cost-effective and sustainable financing option while allowing Bitcoin holders to yield an attractive Bitcoin-native return.

Second Engine - Bitcoin Capital Market

Block Green will develop further Bitcoin liquidity applications for the Lightning Network and structure multi-strategy liquidity pools.

We will expand our verticals by integrating algorithmic strategies into our pools, potentially offering renewable energy investments, and other Bitcoin-native products as the adoption steadily increases.

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