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How to receive liquidity?


Begin by going through our KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYM (Know Your Miner) procedures, which verify your identity and business operations. Once complete, proceed with the onboarding process to our platform.

Opportunity Creation

After successful onboarding, collaborate with the Block Green team to outline the terms of your agreement. The agreement will specify the duration of the contract, the hashrate you're offering, the associated fees, and the hash price.
Our team at Block Green will create an opportunity on the platform based on the terms of the agreement and circulate it amongst the relevant liquidity providers.

Opportunity Activation

Once sufficient liquidity has been sourced, the next step is to provide on-chain collateral and redirect hashrate rewards.


Navigate to the wallet page on our platform and fund your BG account with the required amount for collateral. We recommend adding a bit more to cover on-chain transaction fees.
Once your wallet has sufficient funds (spendable after 6 block confirmations), head over to the opportunity page and deposit the required collateral.


Redirect the mining rewards from the agreed-upon hashrate to the opportunity reward address. This step ensures that the liquidity providers receive their returns directly.

Receiving Liquidity

Once the first rewards are received and the collateral vault has sufficient balance, liquidity will be delivered to your Block Green wallet. Now, you can withdraw these funds to any address whitelisted on the platform.