Hashpower Streaming

Multiple opportunity configurations will be possible on the platform. The two basic repayment modes are as follows:
Fixed APY: Miners are expected to pay a fixed amount of BTC on a predetermined payout schedule
Streaming: Miners are expected to deliver mining rewards from a fixed amount of hashrate
A hybrid of these approaches is also possible. The more streaming relative to fixed payouts is added to an opportunity, the more exposure towards network difficulty changes and operational risks moves from miner to LP. The pure streaming model can be viewed as a hashrate future.
See the following comparison table, assuming that 90 BTC of funding was provided to the miner, and 1 Petahash per second (Ph/s) is forecast to produce 1 BTC over the repayment period of 12 months.
Financing Model
Fixed APY
Hybrid - Streaming with downside protection
Fixed repayments
100 BTC
90 BTC
Variable repayments (BTC equivalent to the expected rewards from this hashrate)
100 Ph/s
10 Ph/s
Pessimistic scenario 10 Ph/s produces 5 bitcoin
100 BTC
50 BTC
95 BTC
Expected scenario 10 Ph/s produces 10 bitcoin
100 BTC
100 BTC
100 BTC
Optimistic scenario 10 Ph/s produces 20 bitcoin
100 BTC
200 BTC
110 BTC